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Power Your Learning Work Book

The 45 page work book is designed to be used after you have completed the self-report questionnaire and have reviewed the profile report.

The work book will help you explore the dimensions of how you as an individual learn, identify your strengths and development needs in terms of the learning processes you currently use, both consciously and sub-consciously.

It will then guide you through what you can do to strengthen and maximise the effectiveness and power of your own learning ability.

The work book contains 20 practical, proven activities divided into 7 sections. The activities draw upon your own work and life experiences so that the learning is directly relevant to you. You can choose which sections you would like to focus on perhaps based on the results of your profile report.

The work book is professionally published and can be downloaded as a secured PDF document. It is provided free with the purchase of a login to Power Your Learning.

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