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Research evidence validated

Power Your Learning has been developed from research supported by the Lifelong Learning Foundation at the University of Bristol during 2002-2004 into 'learning power' This investigated the characteristics and qualities of effective lifelong learners and then sought to develop tools and strategies for tracking, evaluating and recording people's growth as effective real-life learners. Power Your Learning is based on a self-report questionnaire that has been validated through use with approx 3000 people.

The findings of the research identified seven dimensions of 'learning power' and reliable scales to assess these. These dimensions also differentiate between effective learners and ineffective learners.

These dimensions are all inter-related aspects of learning power, and people whose profile is low on these dimensions appear to be fragile and dependent as learners. Thus the profile is a means of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual learners.

Significantly, the research found that learning power underpins and enhances achievement.

eLEARN is committed to the ongoing development of 'Power your Learning' and encourages approaches from organisations who want to explore how learning power can aid organisational development.

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