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Power Your Learning for individuals

Whether you are an employee or student, an employer or an entrepreneur, to enhance your career and earning power you will need to build your learning power.

Whether or not we've thought about our jobs this way, we are increasingly 'learning a living'. Knowledge is not enough. Access to knowledge and information is expanding rapidly and is increasingly universal and immediate. It is the ability to continue learning that counts, not simply having knowledge itself.

All organisations need to continually adapt and change and increasingly need employees who can be creative, develop and acquire transferable skills. Understanding your ability “to learn to learn” and how you can continually improve your learning power will give you and your organisation a key advantage.

Power Your Learning gives you a measure of your learning power. It provides you with ideas and strategies to improve your learning “muscles” and how you can constantly improve yourself.

Our Work Book, free with each login purchased, provides you with 20 proven activities to build your learning power. The results from the Power Your Learning profile can be used with the Work Book to focus on ways to increase your effectiveness as a learner.

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