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The 7 dimensions of Learning Power:

Changing and Learning

People who are strong in this dimension know that learning is itself learned. They believe that through effort their minds can get stronger just as their bodies can.


Effective learners like to find things out, to get to the bottom of things and find out what is really going on. They like to ask questions like Why? Where? How? Etc. They are less likely to accept information uncritically or just because someone says so.

Meaning Making

Effective Learners are on the look out for links between what they are learning and what they know. They like to see how things fit together. They connect learning at work with learning in hobbies, home, with friends and learning from previous experiences with learning occurring now.


Creative learners are playful, they like a challenge and are willing to take risks. They like to look at a problem from many different perspectives and will use their imagination, letting their mind 'float free' to find creative solutions. They listen to their intuition in their learning.


Resilient learners like a challenge and are willing to give it a go even if the outcome and the way to proceed are uncertain. They accept that everyone can find learning hard sometimes and are not frightened by finding something difficult.

Strategic Awareness

Strategic learners consider how they will approach a task and take account of their own habits, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. They are aware of their own feelings about learning and know how to manage them. They know their personal learning preferences.

Learning Relationships

Effective learners like to work with other people, learning from them and learning with them. They can work on their own too providing a healthy balance between independent and collaborative learning.

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