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What is Power Your Learning ?

Learning is the process we go through to acquire new knowledge, skills, attitudes or values. We tend to think of learning only in relation to formal study (courses) but we are learning all the time through our experiences. We all know that everybody is different and that some of us appear more effective at learning than others.

You probably can’t remember how you learnt to walk but it almost certainly wasn’t in a class. You did it through curiosity, making sense of trial and error, determination and learning from your experience. As adults we sometimes forget about some of these apparently “unconscious” aspects of the learning process. Understanding these hidden skills will help you be a more effective learner in all aspects of your life.

Power your Learning explores beyond the simple styles of learning and whilst taking these styles into account, focuses on a broad range of behaviours, beliefs and preferences of the ways you learn in different situations, for example, how you respond to new tasks, information and ideas and people.

How does it work ?

Power Your Learning uses a questionnaire based on university research. It is completed on line. It will make you think about how you learn and how you measure up in key areas – undertaking the questionnaire is a valuable learning experience in itself.

Power Your Learning will illustrate the seven key dimensions of your current learning power and your relative strengths in each dimension. It will raise your awareness of the process of learning and show you how to increase your effectiveness.

You receive instant individual feedback in the form of a report showing you how to strengthen each dimension. In addition we provide you with a workbook full of activities for further improvement that you can download.

The questionnaire takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and you can do so in however many sessions you need. The feedback is available immediately on completion. Note that no personal information is asked for or stored on the Power Your Learning system and profiles are completely anonymised.

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