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Learning is a natural skill we all have. Yet some people never seem to learn – of course that’s not really true but what is undoubtedly true is that some people learn more quickly than others.

We’re talking about more than learning facts; more than study skills. We’re talking about an ability to do better in every area of life – especially in those areas where you need to improve.

You can become a more effective learner, starting today.

Improving your performance can happen when you learn from your experiences. If you know HOW to learn then you will be able to do better at whatever you undertake.

Consider these questions:

  • Curiosity – do you like to find out ‘why?’
  • Learning Relationships – can you strike the balance between learning alone and from others?
  • Making Meaning – can you make sense of new things, fitting new information with what you already know?
  • Creativity – how free are you to try a different way?
  • Resilience – not everything is successful first time around, but do you tend to feel bad or find the belief to ‘believe in yourself’?
  • Changing and Learning – how flexible are you, how open are you to change, to new things? Strategic Awareness – are you aware of your preferences, your feelings about challenges, your strengths and weaknesses when faced with new situations?

When you complete ‘Power Your Learning’ you will have a valuable insight into your current ability to learn effectively. ‘Power Your Learning’ will show you how you score on the seven key dimensions of ‘learning power’ above.

Most important of all you will find out how you can improve in each of these critical learning abilities and so become a more effective learner.

The Power Your Learning online questionnaire gives you an immediate REPORT on your current learning power. Our exciting, 45 page WORKBOOK comes free (with purchase of a login) and gives you 20 practical, proven activities to develop your learning power.

You can try a FREE sample of Power Your Learning. Click here for details.

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